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Version Control

We use Github as our version control system. We have a unified process in Github for branching, testing, documentation and merging:

  1. Checkout the master branch help
  2. Create a new branch based on master help
  3. Start a pull request an GitHub help
  4. Make code changes, push to your branch regularly
  5. Create Selenium tests help
  6. Verify that the tests work in the Cl environment
  7. Update/create documentation where applicable help
  8. Give “thumbs up” in your pull request when you think it is ready
  9. A maintainer will review the pull request and merge it
  10. A maintainer will publish the documentation updates, if any help
  11. A maintainer will reset the .travis.yml file and the ci/travis/interepreter.json file if necessary, to ensure they run the entire test suite (in case they were modified to run only a single test on top of an imported copy of the test application’s database – see CI Setup on the Creating Tests page for more info)

For more details about each major part of this process, see the following pages: