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Version 6 out now. Version 7 coming soon!

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All development on Formulize should be done in branches. Each branch should represent one and only one set of changes, related to a single feature or bug fix.

To create an develop the branch, follow these steps:

  1. Sync your local repo with the master branch on GitHub, to ensure you are starting with the most up to date master branch.
  2. Create a new branch based on the master branch, with a name that indicates the feature or fix that it will be focused on.
  3. Start a Pull Request on GitHub for this new branch. All future pushes to the branch will be reflected in the pull request, so it is easy for others to follow the changes you are making. Make pull requests through the GitHub website here: The base branch should be master and the compare branch should be your newly created branch.
  4. As you do your work locally, periodically push to GitHub so others can see the changes you are making.