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Installing Formulize

  1. If upgrading, backup your files and database!
  2. Download Formulize from the GitHub releases:
  3. Copy the files to your web root (you do not need to include the ci or docs folders)
  4. Make sure the following folders are writable by the server:
    • /cache
    • /templates_c
    • /uploads
    • /modules/formulize/cache
    • /modules/formulize/custom_code
    • /modules/formuilze/export
    • /modules/formulize/temp
    • /modules/formulize/templates/screens (and all subs)
    • /modules/formulize/upload
  5. Open a web browser and go to your site.
    • If you’re installing fresh, go to your webroot and the installer will appear.
    • If you’re upgrading, login as the webmaster, and go to the admin page for Formulize. You will be prompted to update the database.